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Andhra Pradesh Stops Land Registrations

image descriptionAfter the bifurcation, Andhra Pradesh have to build their own capital. Though, the new captial is not yet finalized, there are many speculations that new capital will come up between Vijayawada – Guntur. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu also announced that new capital will come up in this region.

Following this news the land rates in Krishna and Guntur districts accelerated and there is a huge rush to purchase lands. The land values in Krishna and Guntur had raised as many started purchasing the land and they expected to sell it at higher price to the government when constructing the new capital.

Andhra Pradesh government took a step forward and asked revenue officials to stop all land registrations. AP government has issued an order to stop the registrations for the time being to make sure that it did not have to pay higher prices. The state government has also asked the district collectors to identify government lands in their districts.