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Amitabh To Grace His Presence for Nag’s MEK

nagarjunaNagarjuna’s Meelo Evaru Koteswarudu become the most successful TV Show in South India TV history and for “Koun Baenaga Crorepati” franchise, Nag is second best after none other Amitabh, who all hosted the show. If sources have to be believed Amitabh is going to grace his presence for the show in the upcoming episodes in January.

Amitabh who recently visited ANR Awards was requested by Nagarjuna to visit the show, which Bollywood Megastar happily obliged. Most likely episode will be aired in pongal days.

MEK become a house hold show, audience literally waiting for the showtime daily. It is now holding highest TRPs during the second term too. This has made movie producers use it has a platform to promote their show, many celebrities visiting the show to promote themselves and their movies too.

Will Amitabh be here to only to participate or he will promote his upcoming bollywood movie “Shamitabh”, only time will tell, But it is really healthy trend to see stars encouraging each other crossing language barriers.