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Ameesha patel groped in public


No Female celebrity is safe in India even though there are number of guards around her. Bollywood Actress Ameesha Patel got the shock of her life when she got mobbed during the launch of a jewellery showroom in Gorakhpur, Uttar pradesh.

The actress who was attending the event as a special guest , lost her cool and slapped a man from the crowd for touching her inappropriately. This is a second incident which happened in less than a months time when earlier Nagma was mobbed in public and she slapped a young guy for misbehaving during her visit to Meerut.

It’s a shame that we talk very high about women in India but doesn’t show the same respect in reality. UP is one state where most of these incidents happen where the crime rate is high. Who ever repeat these incidents need to be punished very severely.