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Allu Arjun A Star with No Strings

AlluArjunThese are the days even a single hit can make heroes go strong on their head. Allu Arjun who is not only a star but also came from strong family backgroud, but never shows his tantrums or attitude. He is helpful and always gives opportunities.

He has given Sukumar his first opportunity in tollywood in ‘Arya’. At a very crucial phase of his career experimented with one movie old director Krish in ‘Vedam’ and it was the first multi-starrer in recent telugu cinema. Believing in the script he has given chance to Gunasekhar who is in string of flops in ‘Varudu’,though results are not in his favor. Recently we saw his cameo in Yevadu and his role has proven a major winner in the film.

And now with back to back hits he is in never seen form, but once again giving helping hand to Gunasekhar by accepting the role of  ‘Gona Gannareddy’ role in  Rudrama Devi a do or die venture for the director. Gunasekhar approached many heroes only to get negative nod, Bunny raised to the occasion and given his acceptance.

Hope this role becomes a major milestone in Allu arjun’s career.