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Allu Aravind’s Budget Mantra To Allu-Boyapati Movie

Allu-Arjun_Boyapati-SrinuAllu Aravind is one of star producers in Telugu circuit and also known for his hold on Budget. He allocate optimum budgets depending merit of the script and cast involved. Most films involving stars these days are biting dust only because of over budgets.

Allu Arjun and Boyapati Srinu is definitely a crazy cambo. Both have their own share of fan following which will ensure good openings. So, if the film can be made with in the granted budgets it should get some good ROI.

Aravind who knows in and out of film making, suggested few measures which will help in film not to exceed budgets. Aravind may have taken the latest S/o Satyamurty as example, film garnered good collections but failed to get profits