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Ala Ela Movie Sequel Confirmed

Rahul-Ravindran-Ala-Ela-Telugu-Movie-Latest-Working-Stills-05.jpgRahul Ravindran, Vennala Kishore and Shani starrer Ala Ela movie which released last month opened to positive reviews and appreciated by the young audience. Movie has emerged box office winner among the small movies and is successfully running in Theatres.

Ala Ela team has conducted a success meet yesterday and have confirmed that a sequel will be made. The shooting for Ala Ela will be started in the month of June or July. All the three artists will be repeated in the sequel too.

Anish Krishna has provided the script and directed Ala Ela. Dil Raju and UV productions had acquired the distribution rights of Nizam, Vizag and Uttara Andhra which has helped the reach of Ala Ela movie. Hope the sequel will be a much bigger hit.