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Adah Sharma Is Alive And Not Hit By Bus

Adah-Sharma-New-Photo-Shoot-Photos-1.jpgThere is some fake news yesterday that actress Adah Sharma is hit by a bus during shoot in Hyderabad and she was immediately rushed to the hospital. With in no time the rumour spread very fast and the actress is quick to clarify the rumours.

Adah Sharma said, “Everyone I’m alive!quickly before any rumours spread. It’s very hot in hyderabad and I have slight fever. Do not panic.nothing has happened. I don’t know who wanted me to be hit by a bus.”

“I was shooting on a bike yesterday.I’m totally fine .In one piece.Alive.Tweeting this immediately so that rumours won’t spread.no bus hit me.” extended Adah. Good to see actress coming out and clarifying just to avoid confusion.