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Aagadu Mania All Over

mahesh_aagadu_3We are just few hours away from the first screening of Aagadu. Tickets of Aagadu are selling like hot cakes at the ticket window and theaters are hanging House full boards all over, as all the tickets are sold out for the next three days.  Aagadu tickets sold out in minutes, as soon as the bookings got opened online.

Benefit show tickets are sold at 10 times higher price and fans too are willing to pay any amount to catch a glimpse of the star on the first day . Aagadu is releasing in more than 2000 screens and no tickets available for this weekend. With the fan craze, hype and the talk of the movie; all roads are leading to Aagadu theatres.

The expectations on the film are sky high as Mahesh Babu and Srinu Vitla combination created wonders at box with their last movie Dookudu.